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would you rather date a person in their “RAWR :3 XD LOLOLOL TROLLED!!! .3.” phase
or drop raw onions in your eyes?



Hey you guys. This is my 13 year old brother, Cooper. He just went to a school dance and asked me to help him pick an outfit because he wanted to impress girls, so i helped and gave him some tips on how to pick up the ladies. He told me “it would be easier if i had good looks…” Which just absolutely broke my heart. This kid is in 7th grade. He was convinced that no girls were ever going to like him. He also called himself chubby and said that he was ugly. I told him not to listen to anyone who says stuff like that about him, but he said “no one says it to me, i just say it to myself because it’s true”
I wanna show him that it’s not true.
Reblog this so i can show this post to him and prove to him that he’s not ugly and he is a lil cutie just the way he is.


dream job: photographer for hot male models 


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